There is Magical Beauty All Around Us

There is magic in the forest

The trees are dancing their ways

The creeks are flowing their nectars

And the birds are singing their melodies

There is smoothness in the fields

The plantations are drawing their shapes

The hills are strengthening their foundations

And the eagle is overseeing its vitality

There is a reshaping fight on the seashore

The beaches are dancing up and down with the waves

The rocks are courageously facing its subtle changes

And the whales are swimming their grandiosity within it

There is free-flowing independence in the sky

The clouds are shading the sun and crying their tears

The wind is spreading its evolutionary messages everywhere

And the angels keep their gentle watch over our souls

There is a startling uniqueness all around us

It is nature and its ancient and abundant holistic gifts

Nourishing our bodies

Inspiring our thoughts

And enchanting our hearts

It is all around us

We must open our eyes and see it

And once we perceive it

Simply let it flow into our essences

Because it is magical

It is beautiful

And it is natural

As we all are.

How to cite this Poem:

Cargnin dos Santos, Tadany. There is Magical Beauty All Around Us.

Spirituality. Poetry. Evolution. Philosophy. Wholeness. Divinity. Art.